Do you have a clogged floor drain? Call the Drain Doctor!

There’s nothing worse than finding a clogged floor drain and there is water everywhere. Floor drains are used in many basements, garages and laundry rooms to carry away wastewater from central air conditioners, washing machines, water heaters and snow-covered cars. Over time, these drains collect large quantities of soap scum, laundry lint, sand and slimy bacteria that crystallize inside the long drainpipe. If not maintained properly, it’s not unusual for a plugged floor drain can cause a wide range of problems.

The most common floor drain problem is a wet basement. A wet basement produces a stuffy smell and can result in efflorescence. To treat this problem, you need to find the cause. In most of the cases, a drain plugged with debris is the culprit.

Hair, food particles, and trash are other common causes of a clogged floor drain. If a floor drain remains clogged for a long period of time, you run the risk of pipes overflowing. Often, people don’t realize there is a problem in their floor drain until there is water on the floor.

Using advanced tools and techniques such as video inspection, power auger and high-pressure water jetting, The Drain Doctor will quickly identify and correct any issue you may encounter. For an inspection, fix, or maintenance, call the Drain Doctor: (306) 934-5165.