Clogged toilet? Call the Drain Doctor!

A clogged toilet can lead to flooding if left unattended. Our experienced technicians can diagnose and treat plugged toilets. The Drain Doctor supplies full-service drain cleaning and maintenance, as well as emergency clog removal.

If you experience problems with your toilet clogging, the culprit is most often toilet paper. Other culprits could be paper towels, tissues, sanitary products, and diapers. With the exception of toilet paper, none of these materials should ever be flushed down the toilet. A clog in the toilet most often occurs at the top of the up-curving trap that’s part of the toilet fixture. This type of clog can usually be cleared by using a toilet plunger. Sometimes other unlikely objects can wind up in the toilet and get caught in the trap. Clearing these clogs may require an auger. The auger will pull the clogging material out of the toilet rather than pushing it through the pipes.

Most clogged toilets are slow to drain and you may not know the toilet is plugged until you flush it. A poor flush means that your toilet drain is either partially or completely plugged. A completely clogged toilet will fill to the brim with flush water and perhaps overflow.

Plugged toilets can often cause major damage. If your toilet needs to be replaced, you may be eligible for a replacement grant! Call (306) 694-3900 or visit Saskatchewan Watershed for more info.