Do you have a plugged sink? Call the Drain Doctor!

Kitchen, bathroom or even utility sinks can become clogged from time to time. A plugged sink can be inconvenient, but severe clogs can be costly and create major problems in your home plumbing system.

Kitchen sink clogs are usually caused by food. Food washed off of plates and down the drain can become trapped in the pipe system under the sink. Sinks usually have what’s known as a P- or J-trap that catches larger items to keep them out of the rest of the pipe system in your home. These bits of food, over time, collect and form a clog. In order to remove them, you’ll need to use a drain cleaner or plumbing snake.

Grease is a particularly common clog causing substance. It creates a sticky sediment that will trap other food and over time create a clog. This is a difficult type of clog to remove. Even a disposal cannot dissolve liquid grease, which will easily form again and collect in the pipes.

Hair clogs are common to both bathroom sinks and shower or tub drains. Hair gets trapped in the sludge in the pipes and accumulates over time. This will form a very solid type mass and will need to be removed by an environmentally friendly drain cleaner that can dissolve the hair or with a pipe snake that frees the mass.

If you have small children in your home, you know how easy small objects, especially toys end up getting stuck in the drain. These objects end up causing clogs, especially when they are not detected right away. Food particles, hair, and even grease can become caught on these objects and form clogs that completely shut off the pipe.

To prevent a plugged sing from happening to you, call the Drain Doctor for an inspection or preventative maintenance measures: (306) 934-5165.