Plugged Tub or Shower Tips & Advice

The next time you find yourself with a plugged tub or shower, try some of these useful tips and advice from the Doctor himself! If you are still experiencing problems, call the Drain Doctor at 1-866-934-5156 for professional, reliable 24 hour service.

  • Most tub or shower clogs are caused by hair. Straighten out a coat hanger or stiff wire, then make a hook in the end. Use it to retrieve any obstructions and pull out any hair or other particles that are in your drain. Be careful not to lose the wire down the drain!
  • Try plunging the drain. Block the overflow drain opening with a wet rag to ensure adequate suction. Place the plunger cup over the drain and run water until it covers the cup. Plunge rapidly up and down. Once the obstruction is clear, run hot water for 2 minutes to dissolve any buildup.
  • Cover tub or shower drains with hair catchers (also known as strainers) to keep unwanted hair from entering the drainage pipes and causing a clog. This will help prevent blockages further down the line.
  • For slow draining tubs or showers, use Drainbusters drain cleaner to remove any unwanted organic matter.
  • To prevent a future plugged tub or shower, treat the drains regularly with Drainbusters drain cleaner.