Is your tub or shower plugged? Call the Drain Doctor!

If you have a plugged tub or shower, you will have to fix it before bathing again. Clogs are inconvenient, but severe clogs can be costly and create major problems in your home plumbing system.

Most shower clogs are caused by hair. Hair can build up slowly, sticking to the walls of your drain pipe and catching other debris as it passes by. Once this happens, it is only a matter of time before your bathtub drain is completely clogged.

While you would think that soap scum would dissolve easily in water, it can actually be a serious problem for your drains. Soap scum is a common source of clogs in bathtub drain systems. While it is not solid, it can solidify after it goes down the drain, gradually building up on your drain’s walls. As it does this, it can also stick to anything else passing through your drain, making your other potential clogs into real clogs more quickly.

Hard water can also be a source of problems for your bathtub drain. Though you cannot see it as it happens, hard water can deposit solid material on the sides of your drain. This constricts the flow of water and gives any debris passing through your drain that would normally do so harmlessly a place to catch on and cause clogs. Because of this, hard water is particularly difficult when hair and soap scum are present in your drain.

To prevent a plugged tub or shower from happening to you, call the Drain Doctor for an inspection or preventative maintenance measures: (306) 934-5165.