Drain camera inspections are a clean and accurate way to find the problem in your drain!

A drain camera inspection is comprised of a video lens on the end of a strong cable that allows you to see the inside of your drains. Real-time camera inspections are often used before, during and after a drain cleaning:

  1. Before cleaning to determine the extent of the problem, its location, and required actions.
  2. During cleaning to determine progress being made.
  3. After cleaning to ensure the free-flowing condition of the drain.

Drain cameras have the capacity to detect major problems in your drains such as tree roots, broken tiles, bad mortar connections, pipe sagging, pipe cracks, sludge buildup, and other obstructions which cannot be confirmed by snaking or rooting on its own

A camera inspection can also be used as a preventative measure to check the condition of your drains and pipes in any home, restaurant, or commercial building. A small amount of time and small investment can save you a large amount of time in cleanup, frustration, and cash.

If your drain requires a camera inspection, call The Drain Doctor to book your appointment:
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