Floor Drains Tips & Advice

The next time you find yourself with a clogged floor drain, try some of these useful tips and advice from the Doctor himself! And, if you still can’t solve the problem, call the Drain Doctor at 1-866-934-5156 for professional, reliable 24 hour service.

  • First determine if the water is coming from the washing machine or from the sewer line.
  • If it’s relatively clean, soapy water, it’s likely caused by an obstruction in the washing machine. Check the floor drain and the connecting drain and clear any debris that might be inhibiting the water flow.
  • If it’s sewage water backing up your drain, locate your main clean-out and have a look. If there is water in the drain, there’s probably a blockage in the line to the street. Call your local municipality: (Saskatoon: 306-975-2476 or link online to their emergency tip page; North Battleford: 306-445-1730 during business hours, or 306-441-7078 after business hours; Prince Albert: 306-953-4340 during business hours, or 306-953-4284 after business hours)
  • If the municipality is unable to respond to your situation, call the Drain Doctor toll free at 1-866-934-5156. The Drain Doctor has over 20 years of expertise in drain service, cleaning and maintenance.